You have analyzed the seven characteristics to build your Zebra profile. Next, you’re going to zero in on your Zebra. How? By simplifying your Zebra profile into a few statements to describe why your solution is unique, where it fits into the prospect’s organization, and who should buy it.

We call the result a pushbutton Zebra because it’s so easy to use.

The more straightforward the process, the more your people will use it. Adoption of the Zebra process is the key to sales success. If your sales team doesn’t use the Zebra technique, you won’t have the opportunity to close up to 90% of your prospects.

Simplify your Zebra profile and use it to create your Pushbutton Zebra.

The Pushbutton Zebra is a tool residing in the ZebraFi Guided Selling Software, but you can also use a spreadsheet to build one.

What Is a Pushbutton Zebra?

Using a pushbutton Zebra is the most effective and efficient way to analyze the prospects in your pipeline. The goal is to quickly identify those prospects that offer the best opportunity to improve ROI in your organization. 

The PBZ saves a ton of time and resources throughout the sales process. And it is simple enough that everyone will want to use it.

Steps to Creating a Pushbutton Zebra

Step 1 Take each attribute or characteristic in the profile and identify those most essential for a true Zebra (your ideal customer) and a true non-Zebra (your worst prospect). You should be able to tell quickly how closely a prospect matches the Zebra attributes in each category.

Step 2 — Create a short word description (about 50 to 75 words) of your Zebra’s characteristics. Then develop a brief description of a non- or anti-Zebra, a prospect that would be the worst possible fit for your solution.

Now, write comments in the PBZ template or your spreadsheet to briefly describe each attribute. 

Step 3 — Insert all the information into your ZebraFi software template or into your spreadsheet to begin scoring your prospects. You will use the PBZ to create your Z-score.

The Pushbutton Zebra Is a Living Document

Your PBZ is not static. It’s a living document that you change when new information becomes available. The PBZ helps you quickly evaluate and prepare what we call a “Z-score” in just minutes. 

The value of the PBZ is in weeding out non-Zebras at the beginning of the sales process so you can devote more attention to your Zebras.

After your initial prospect analysis, you should have enough information to calculate an initial Z-score that you can improve with a bit of work. At each step in the buying/sales cycle, revisit the PBZ to verify that the prospect is still worth pursuing. 

The more non-Zebras you can eliminate, the more time and resources you can dedicate to selling to your Zebras.

In the next post, we’ll discuss what a Z-score is and how it helps you find the pathway to a closed sale.


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