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"The average sale price for our software was $190,000...
Our average sales price over two years is now over $600,000"
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Zebrafi results

Customer Results

When you identify and focus on your best prospects, a genuine, mutually beneficial relationship ensues

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Sales Benefits

Reinvigorate your sales meetings and start receiving benefit immediately by scoring live deals

Score Opportunities

Conceptualize the idea of a Zebra and give the sales team a set of tools to capture them.

Presentable Value

Build a business case based on data from your customers. Prospects refer to it as "the most credible prediction of value available."

Sales Material

Automate your next sales presentation with templates that import opportunity specific data.


you may still be asking...

Why Zebras?

Everyone knows what a zebra looks like. 

Everyone in your organization should be able to identify the perfect prospect.

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Jeff Koser

Founder / CEO

An awesome, inspirational figure that leads and sets the tone.

Brian Gallagher

President of Global Sales

A diplomatic, renaissance man, forged in the fire of enterprise software

Tom Bowe


A technical visionary and architect of all things Zebra

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Why us?

  • Zebrafi spurs sales people to pursue perfect prospects, and close bigger deals, faster
  • Zebrafi gives managers full, real-time sales funnel visibility, and the most accurate sales forecasts in the industry
  • Weekly sales facilitation
  • Access to the executive team
  • Robust Opportunity Scoring
  • Scalable Value Selling