Our Promise To You...

Increase Your Average Deal Size
& Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

“Use Zebra Software, and your deal size will go up by at least 13%, and your sales cycles will be at least 21% faster.”

— Jeff Koser, Founder, CEO

Quick! Find the Zebra

In the same way that you can identify a zebra
right away, you also know exactly what 

your perfect prospect looks like.

That’s why we call perfect prospects, Zebras.

Here's how to Zebrafi The Way You Sell

15% Close Rate

Right now, you’re most likely using a traditional sales pipeline. Unfortunately, because you’re not able to prioritize one deal over another, your sales pipeline probably contains very few “really good” prospects.

Instead, it’s filled with a zoo’s worth of different “animals” … with a few zebras sprinkled in. Research shows that only 15% of the deals in this kind of pipeline end up closing.

Zebrafi's Intelligent Sales Conduit

90% Close Rate

Zebra Software makes sure that only qualified deals get pursued.

Once your sales conduit is filled with Zebras, you’ve got the visibility to see the status of every deal you’ve got going.

Red deals are early in the cycle and not near to being ‘done deals’.

Yellow deals are more advanced.

Green deals are fully developed and ready to close.

That's Just the Beginning

Why Zebrafi?

Because our passion is freeing companies to finally realize the profits they’ve been dreaming of.

Watch This Demo

Watch this 3-minute video to see how Zebra Software works — the very reason why CEO Kevin Calderwood has headed three different companies — and brought Zebra Software into each one. Because he knows Zebra Software will result in:

  • Increased average sales price
  • Reduced sales training
  • Eliminated waste of capture costs
  • Reduced time it takes to get a deal

Our Zebra Promise Made Real

“By using Zebra Software, our average sales price more than tripled, from $190,000 to $600,000”
Kevin calderwood
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Deal Size
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Installed Base Revenue
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YOY Revenue

Why Zebrafi?

  • Feeds the pipeline. Our proprietary AI finds more leads that look just like your best customers and prospects
  • Moves prospects thru the pipeline. Sales people have a guided path … and are spurred to pursue only the most viable prospects.
  • Delivers full, real-time sales funnel visibility:
  • Managers have accurate, real-time opportunity scores for their team — and the most accurate sales forecasts in the industry.
  • Sales people close more deals faster — by quickly prioritizing their deals, and being shown the steps to move every deal forward.

Yes, we CAN deliver our promise to you.
Contact us and learn how.

Our passion is freeing companies to finally realize the profits they’ve been dreaming of.