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“By using Zebrafi, our average sales price more than tripled, from $190,000 to $600,000”
Kevin calderwood
IBM | Vivisimo
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What is Zebrafi guided selling

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See why several executives have repeated success with Zebrafi at multiple high growth companies:

  • Reduce sales training
  • Eliminate waste of capture costs
  • Reduce time it takes to get a deal

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Give your sales team and prospects the benefit of a guided selling journey. Each Zebrafi module is part of an overall strategy to guide your team to the prospects and customers where your solution delivers the most value. 


Zebra Scoring is a unique way to qualify opportunities upfront and throughout the sales cycle. Are requests for resources such as solution and demonstration experts, access to R&D, sales and executive management based on a measurable prioritization process?

Voice of the Customer

Do your VoC's organize and quantify all the ways your solution creates value? Guided selling helps every rep understand and talk to strategic deals as if they had closed them.

Business Case

How often are you using a business case? Does it include total cost of ownership and ROI based on your VOC's? Build a collaborative business case directly with prospects in Zebrafi. Sellers and buyers are guided through the production of a mutually agreed upon business case.


Are you waiting until renewal before engaging with your customer? With Zebrafi, every opportunity contains a business case suitable for a productive retention meeting post sale.


Need more qualified leads?
Zebrafi's salesbot uses AI to identify more leads that are similar to your best customers. Add Salesbot to Zebrafi or Salesforce.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Consulting is coaching, mentoring, education and change management along with the development of marketing collateral and materials creation

Traditional Pipeline

Close Rate


Right now, you’re most likely using a traditional sales pipeline. Unfortunately, because you’re not able to prioritize one deal over another, your sales pipeline probably contains very few “really good” prospects.

Zebrafi Pipeline

Close rate


Zebrafi makes sure that only qualified deals get pursued. Once your sales pipeline is filled with Zebras, you’ve got the visibility to see the status of every active deal.

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Sales Executive

Accurate, real-time opportunity scores create the most reliable sales forecasts in the industry.

Sales Team

Close more deals faster by quickly prioritizing deals, and guided steps to move every deal forward.

"We reduced time to productivity for newly hired sales people by 75%."
Pat williams
Tubular Labs

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Steve Messenger
CEO, Partstrader

“We’ve moved from transactional to consultative sales. Our influence within our customer base has improved and now we can scale. Zebrafi changed the way our customer looks at PartsTrader”

Steve Davis
COO, Author-it

“A higher percentage of sales cycles close because sellers identify Author-it Zebras and have an early meeting with Power to gain sponsorship to verify a pre-prepared value proposition.”

Todd Schneider
CFO & COO, Serigraph

“Through the first six months of this year we have sold more than we did all of last year, and I attribute that entirely to our new process.”

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