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We've helped 14 software companies achieve their liquidity goals.
The most recent: 7/22/22

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How Does Zebrafi Help?

We have a sales methodology built specifically for software companies. This methodology aligns with customer software that automates the most important parts of the sales cycle.

What is the most important part of the sales cycle the software helps automate?

  • Targeting
  • Evaluating perfect fit prospects 

This helps your sales team:

  • Ensuring larger deal sizes
  • Faster sales cycles
  • High win rates

This is the methodology used to grow Baan’s revenue tenfold (to $743m in five years).

“But one company is hardly enough proof a methodology works.”

We agree.

We’ve helped 14 customers increase revenues and have great exits, either by acquisition or going public. If you’re scaling sales and you’d like to know more, we would be happy to answer any questions you have!

0 B
Dematic acquired by Kion
0 B
Taleo acquired by oracle
0 M
iDirect acquired by Singapore Tech

who are these customers we've helped?

Customer Proof

We will let our success speak for itself:

First Step

The first thing we do is determine what value you create for your customers with quantifiable metrics.

To learn how we do this, contact us.

Contact us to increase your average deal size.

Our passion is freeing companies to finally realize the profits they’ve been dreaming of.  

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