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A Holistic Sales System

Define and automate the processes of targeting and evaluating perfect fit prospects using Software and Coaching

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The Sales System

We offer a holistic sales system that solves sales biggest challenges. We help our clients Find. Close. & Retain. the customers who will benefit the most from your services. 

Our customer’s success is based upon Zebrafi supporting sales leadership with software that automates the processes of targeting and evaluating perfect fit prospects (which we call Zebras). The system guides and informs how to prove value and track progress throughout the buying journey.

Our customer’s powerful results are achieved through the comprehensive, integrated system that leverages software and scoring to identify prospects; offers case studies that truly are the Voice of the Customer and business proof on our interactive sales platform; and supports with training, coaching and retention strategies.  Only when all of these elements are working in unison, do our customers experience the thrill of larger deal sizes, faster sales cycles and higher win rates.

Certified Sales Reps
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Business Cases

Faster Sales Cycles

Why Customers Buy

For over 20 years the Zebrafi team has developed a track record of proven client successes working virtually.

Software That Maximizes Your CRM

Sales Platform

The guided selling platform and sales system is a fully functioning and complete platform that guides a salesperson step-by-step through the software sales process, supported by prospect presentations, to a defined course of action or conclusion.  With ZebraSelling methods and the interactive sales platform, the sales team collaborates with prospects to decide on the appropriate next step based on value, pain and urgency while selling to “Power,” the decision maker with budget authority.

The system provides the foundation for the following essential activities:

  • Defines seven attributes of the perfect prospect
  • Provides the scoring structure to determine if the prospect is worth pursuing
  • Identifies gaps in the sales process that require attention
  • Projects, using AI, the probability of a deal closing
  • Helps a seller penetrate a prospect at the decision maker level using uniquely created messaging based on customer proof
  • Provides multiple metric-based case studies that voice the customer’s perspective of the value delivered
  • Provides the platform that allows for a collaborative sales discussion with the prospect. This capability changes the prospect’s buying journey allowing to create and verify their own business case
  • Provides “hands-on” consulting through the life of the agreement to expedite proper use of the platform and optimize its effectiveness.
  • The consulting is a real-time pilot to keep sellers and prospects on the correct path and ensure success for the Zebrafi client

Training, Sales Growth & Customer Retention

Certified Consulting by Fractional CRO

Ongoing Consulting is coaching, mentoring, education and change management along with the development of marketing collateral and materials creation on the live sales platform by a certified Zebrafi partner. Coaches support the sales team in leveraging the Zebrafi process and platform for new customer acquisition and customer retention, continually driving value and sales growth for their clients.

The consulting, which is included with the Zebrafi Enterprise agreement, is what creates successful Zebrafi clients. Unlike sales training companies, sales process companies or playbook companies, Zebrafi does not hand off a product and disappear. The key to successful Zebrafi clients is the hands-on nature of the consulting, something we call “Force Success.”

    Many clients consider our leadership as serving as a Fractional Chief Revenue Officer, CRO, due to our depth of experience in helping companies scale and reach their acquisition goals. Our experts are happy to fulfill that role so long as they can use the holistic Zebrafi system that unites and trains the entire sales team.

    Certified Zebrafi coaches:

    • Conduct a client analysis on progress to date
    • Work hand-in-hand to develop strategies and situational business cases to reach sales goals
    • Create materials to be used by clients to refine and continue to grow their overall business performance.



    Sales Growth


    Enhance your existing workflows

    Create your opportunity in Salesforce and build a business case in Zebrafi. Present your Business Case from Zebrafi, Google Slides or PowerPoint.

    Coming Soon
    Microsoft Office
    One Drive
    Google Drive

    Focus Efforts On The Right Prospects


    Scoring on the platform enables customers to vet and identify perfect fit customers, dramatically increasing the chance of closing a sale.

    Use Metrics to Prove Value

    Case Studies

    Voice of the Customer reports prove and substantiate the real value the prospective client delivers to the marketplace. It defines the critical business issues the client can solve and quantifies the value in metrics.

    Demonstration of Financial Impact

    Value Story

    A Value Story is produced specifically for each prospective C-level executive, showing how the offering solves that prospect’s unique problems and delivers financial impact and ROI. The value story developed and verified with the executive stakeholders is completely defensible, because it is based upon prior customer success documented in metrics-based case studies.

    AI Lead Generator


    Salesbot provides access to our database of millions of companies to generate qualified leads that are similar to your perfect customer. The Salesbot, clearly stated, gets a seller started in a better place to start prospecting. The seller simply enters an account they know is a perfect fit for their product and with the touch of a button, the AI searches the web looking for similar companies.

    Similar Companies
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    Creative Marketing 68%
    Exhibit Deal 67%
    GM Namplate 65%
    Nelson Miller 62%

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