About us

“We prove our value before you buy! Before you invest one penny, we perform a free assessment that will prove what we can do for you.” — Jeff Koser, CEO, Zebrafi

about zebrafi

We are all about freeing companies
to finally realize the profits they’ve been dreaming of.

We’re passionate about changing the lives of sales people and managers by giving them a sales enablement system that actually helps them succeed.

We are energized by helping businesses grow.

We believe we are improving the reputation of the entire sales profession by basing sales on authenticity and credibility.

All of this helps make our customers’ world a better place. Everyone who uses Zebra Software feels the thrill of selling bigger deals faster — in a way that truly improves their buyers’ lives. Selling takes on a whole different feeling by making the process more enjoyable and collaborative — with genuine conversations between buyers and sellers.

Zebra Software improves the performance of every sales person who uses it — whether they were previously a low, medium, or high performer. Because of this, sales people who use Zebra  end up feeling empowered and successful — and have more quality time to spend with their families, friends, and communities.

We make big promises …
… and have the case studies to prove them!

Todd Schneider
Faster Sales Cycles

Serigraph closed sales 2 months faster — from an average of 243 days to 179 days — because Zebra Software spurred sales people to pursue only the best prospects, and to sell them based on business values that differentiate Serigraph from its competitors.

Kevin Calderwood
Increasing Deal Size

Vivisimo increased their deal size 421% by no longer competing feature-for-feature with its competition.

Steve Hirt
Higher Win Rates

Optima increased their win rates by 150% — because Zebra Software empowered sales people to objectively qualify deals, and spurred them to pursue the right prospects at the right time.

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Team Members

Jeff Koser

Founder / CEO

An awesome, inspirational figure that leads and sets the tone.

Brian Gallagher

President of Global Sales

A diplomatic, renaissance man, forged in the fire of enterprise software

Tom Bowe


A technical visionary and architect of all things Zebra

Chris Ullman

VP Client Success & Partner Management

Brent Nauer

Senior Program Manager


Want to work with us?

Today’s most effective sellers earn the right to speak with power by illustrating an understanding of the customer’s critical business issues and how the seller will solve those challenges. Presenting a Business Case utilizing provable metrics and client testimonials separates the modern selling approach from old school thinking. This is how we sell and this is what we teach.

Zebrafi has a disciplined startup culture with room to grow. You will gain experience and appreciation for the challenges facing sales organizations across multiple industries.

We are currently looking for the following positions:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales Manager