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Zebrafi CEO, Jeff Koser, is the award-winning co-author of Selling to Zebras HOW TO CLOSE 90% of the BUSINESS YOU PURSUE FASTER, MORE EASILY and MORE PROFITABLY. In 2010, he was recognized as one of the best sales authors of all time in the book, The Sales Gurus.  The methodology for this book was developed from his experience serving as COO at Baan, USA, Inc. that built supply chain solutions. As an executive at Baan, USA and COO at Baan Supply Chain Solutions division, Jeff helped Baan grow revenue tenfold in five years to $743m and Baan Supply Chain Solutions from $1.6m to $80m in 2 years. He participated in Baan’s IPO which achieved a $12b market cap and subsequently has assisted multiple other companies in reaching merger and acquisition goals.

The methodology of this book has been captured in today’s Zebrafi system where the software automates many of the proven processes, helping sales teams meet long term business goals. Since 2009, Zebrafi has helped over 13 clients scale and go public or get acquired at many times revenue. 

Acquisition Goals Met

What Zebrafi Does

Zebrafi teaches sales leaders how to recruit prospects with pain points that their company has a track record of solving. Integrating with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Hubspot, Zebrafi makes any existing B2B sales process successful by leveraging groundbreaking software that scores and vets the perfect prospect throughout the buying journey. Unlike an activity-based sales funnel approach, Zebrafi teaches sellers how to present value, speak the language of power, and build business materials supporting the purchase of their solution.

Quantifying the business value of their solution, the sales team can demonstrate the degree of success they can deliver to the new prospect on a live, interactive sales platform. Zebrafi guides the sales teams in designing custom business cases for C-level executives in the form of metrics-driven presentations and case studies, that forecast the financial impact of the solution to gain buy-in.

For over 20 years, the Zebrafi team has developed a track record of proven client successes working virtually. They coach and collaborate with clients online, to build a holistic sales system and culture that create trust and sales results. Case studies verify customers routinely experience faster sales cycles, larger deals and higher close rates leveraging the Zebrafi methods and software.

Who Is A Good Fit for Zebrafi?

Any company that can quantify the results they create for their customers

We're All About Results

In the Software/SaaS, Manufacturing and Services industries, we have demonstrated high growth results for clients


+ 43 %
Deal Size
+ 21 %
Faster Sales Cycle
+ 964 %
Higher Win Rate


+ 13 %
Deal Size
+ 25 %
Faster Sales Cycle
+ 225 %
Higher Win Rate


+ 50 %
Deal Size
+ 22 %
Faster Sales Cycle
+ 310 %
Higher Win Rate

20 Years of Sales Performance

90% close rates achieved by clients. Verified value from case studies of faster sales cycles, larger deals and higher win rates.

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Series of successful client acquisitions attributed to the Zebrafi sales system over 20 years

See why scaling companies use Zebrafi

“Jeff and Chad Koser wrote a book [Selling to Zebras] that I consider one of the best sales books I have read in the last decade.” – Marc Kramer, Wharton School of Management

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Sales Challenges Overcome by Zebrafi

Remote, Value-based Selling is a necessity since the pandemic and will be the ongoing method of selling for the future. Zebrafi has been training and selling remotely for over 20 years. Zebrafi has developed a guided selling approach supported by game changing software that vets prospects and auto-creates business presentations that project financial benefit predicated on what others have achieved, including the key metrics of ROI, Monthly Cost of Indecision, and Payback Month. The focus is on teaching clients on our live, interactive platform, how to prove the value they deliver to the prospect’s bottom line versus the typical review of features and functions. This process results in client proof of faster sales, larger deals and higher close rates

Convert to a value-based sales process that focuses on proving the value of your solution, to address the customer’s pain points.

Target “perfect fit” clients early and reach out with the language of CEOs.

Leverage Zebrafi software that vets, tracks, and guides the success of a sale throughout the buying journey.

Each supplier might get less than 5% of a customers time. Packaging up the metrics and financial value of your solution are vital to gain the attention and time from the C-suite.

Quantify the value of your solution, which opens doors with the C-suite.

Since 65% of the sales team’s time is NOT spent selling, and 30 hours per month are spent creating their own sales materials, how can we unify the sales approach?

Develop company-wide sales materials on a live interactive platform that quantifies your solution and can be used in every sales process.

How to succeed with remote sales?

Provide a live, interactive remote sales platform connecting buyer & seller for real-time presentations that automatically integrates and updates with Salesforce/Dynamics and evaluates prospects during the buying journey.

Since CRMs are not built to match the seller’s solutions with the prospect’s pain points, how can we directly address these issues efficiently?

Sales team members can work in Zebrafi daily to do this and the work auto-populates into the CRM seamlessly, without additional effort.

How do we meet the needs of today’s subscription-based businesses that can cancel easily?

Zebrafi guides clients in how to grow and re-win business by continuing to analyze, quantify, and prove value as integral part of our system.

Since it takes months to on-board a sales rep, and typically 6 months before full productivity or the realization that a hiring mistake has been made, how can we speed and accurately assess this process?

Support sales managers with software and a sales platform that provides training, guidance, sales materials, and daily metrics on performance.

How do we gain accountability on the progress of our sales team members?

Leverage a system that tracks the success of each sale and each team member using agreed upon criteria.

How can you succeed if the forecast pipeline close rates are highly unpredictable?

Sales leaders can accurately predict forecasted sales daily or monthly with a high degree of accuracy using Zebrafi.

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