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Zebrafi has helped multiple companies get acquired for millions and in some cases over a billion.

This testimonial shows what is possible with Zebrafi.

Vivisimo wanted to scale sales since they had hit a sales wall. Shortly after beginning the implementation of Zebrafi Guided Selling, salespeople quickly learned how to find their perfect prospect, meet with them, and sell Vivisimo’s value rather than features and functions.

In just two years, their average deal size increased from 190k to over $600k, and eventually to over $800k before being acquired.

  • Average sales price increased more than 400%
  • Installed base revenue increased 55%
  • Year-over-year revenue increased 31%

These results came as a result of Vivisimo changing its sales paradigm by leveraging Zebrafi’s Guided Selling.

Vivisimo was then sold to IBM for 20x revenue.

0 %
Vivisimo’s average sales price increased, leading to acquisition by IBM​
0 %
Taleo increases deal size, leading to acquisition by Oracle
0 M
iDirect acquired by Singapore Tech

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