handshake of businessmen.At Zebrafi, we focus on how finding the right customers, or the perfect fit zebras, will help our clients achieve greater success. We expect this to also happen for our newest client.

Recently, we implemented our software for Supply Chain Junction (SCJ). SCJ is a Geographical Partner selling, implementing and supporting the Manhattan Associates Warehouse and Logistics Supply Chain Management suite of products. SCJ provides supply chain consulting, warehouse optimization and training across the Middle East and Africa. They work with warehouses, distribution centers and multi-warehouse ecosystems. The company’s goals are to increase deal size by 40%, reduce the length of the sales cycle by 20%, improve pipeline win by 50% and increase client retention by 18%. Zebrafi’s guided selling software will solve sales challenges in this supply chain as SCJ leverages the sales system to reach its goals.

The CEO of Supply Chain Junction, Michael Badwi, heard of Zebrafi while listening to Will Baron’s “Salesman” podcast. He then bought the Selling to Zebras book that tells, in story form, how to set up the Zebrafi selling system. Initially, SCJ started creating a Zebra and other supporting materials themselves, but they wanted to expedite and refine the process by leveraging the entire system. They inked an agreement with Zebrafi on March 10, 2021, and the team is already at work.

“Our team fell in love with the practices in Selling to Zebras,” explains Badwi, “and are thrilled that the software automates and guides us through the process described in the book.”

Zebrafi verifies and documents all client success and reports:

  • Increases in average deal size from a minimum of 13% – 55% for manufacturers, 43-600% for software companies and 50-1,000% for service companies
  • Faster sales cycles with customer results ranging from 21%-50% improvement
  • Higher close rates with customer results ranging from 102% – 964% improvement

Our company has guided 13 different clients into reaching their merger and acquisition goals at 10-20Xs revenue earnings with 5 of them reaching acquisition prices of $2b.

“Supply chain companies are particularly well suited to our methodology,” states Jeff Koser. “They are used to recording and capturing the data around their solutions. A vital part of our sales system is to work with the sales team to develop case studies and presentations that prove value with metrics. It is the language the C-suite hears.”

SCJ purchased the Zebrafi Remote Guided Selling Strategy and Software alongside supply chain companies like Ford Visteon, Airbus and Blachford. We empower companies to acquire and retain the most profitable customers with faster sales cycles, larger deals and higher closure rates through quantifying customers’ value on a live, interactive software platform.

Zebrafi’s Guided Sales System

Our guided sales system comes with a 20-year track record of success. Our Founder & CEO, Jeff Koser, developed the sales methodology while an executive at Baan, USA and COO at Baan Supply Chain Solutions. Jeff helped Baan grow revenue tenfold in five years to $743m and the Baan Supply Chain Solutions division from $1.6m to $80m in 2 years. He also participated in Baan’s IPO which achieved a $12b market cap. He captured the sales methodology used within his award-winning book Selling to Zebras and today the practices are automated within the Zebrafi software.

Zebrafi, a remote sales strategy and software company, empowers high-growth companies to acquire and retain the most profitable customers working virtually. Sitting on top of Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, Zebrafi leverages groundbreaking, software that scores and vets the perfect prospect throughout the buyer journey. In stark contrast to traditional sales funnels, Zebrafi teaches sales leaders how to recruit prospects with pain points that their company has a track record of solving.

Quantifying the business value of their solution, the sales team can demonstrate the degree of success they can deliver to the new prospect on a live interactive sales platform. Zebrafi guides the sales teams in designing custom business cases for C-level executives in the form of metrics-driven presentations and case studies that forecast the financial impact of the solution to gain buy-in.

For over 20 years the Zebrafi team has developed a track record of proven client successes working virtually. They coach and collaborate with clients online to build a holistic sales system and culture that create trust and sales results. Case studies verify customers routinely experience faster sales cycles, larger deals and higher close rates.

We offer the first true guided selling system – the only one your team will ever need. Call us at 1 833-594-7120 or email us at info@zebrafi.com to learn more about how we can help you achieve these goals just as we are for SCJ.


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