Digital Generated Human Hand And Business Man Shaking HandsIt isn’t just enough to find your zebras, or best fit potential clients, and close the deal with them. It is also important to retain them! This is possible through our Zebrafi platform.

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic upended how we work, Zebrafi developed a remote selling approach supported by game-changing software. Zebrafi’s industry-leading SaaS vets prospects and auto-creates business presentations, all while providing key metrics to prove ROI. How much does indecision cost? Zebrafi solutions will tell you. Don’t sit on your hands while money is on the table. Our solutions offer live, interactive platforms that help you prove the value you deliver to your intended customer’s bottom line. And what do you get out of it? Faster sales, larger deals, and higher close rates.

Through Zebrafi, you have ongoing consulting available through coaching, mentoring, education and change management along with the development of marketing collateral and materials created on the live sales platform by a certified Zebrafi partner. Our coaches support the sales team in leveraging the Zebrafi process and platform for customer retention, continually driving value and sales growth for their clients.

More specifically after your initial successes, the Zebrafi team conducts an analysis and creates materials for you to further refine and grow your business. You don’t have to work alone in this. In fact, our certified consultants work hand-in-hand to develop strategies and situational business cases to reach your business growth and sales goals.

We know this process works as we have verified value from client case studies of faster sales cycles, larger deals and higher close rates. We can’t wait to provide the same for you. You can contact us 1-833-594-7120 or email us at info@zebrafi.com to learn how we can help you achieve your goals to find, close and retain the right customers.


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