50683079_MMeasuring success can seem tricky. In school, it was easy to know if we were successful. Our report card, transcript and instructor feedback clearly let us know what we were and weren’t proficient at in the classroom. In sports, team and individual goals measure our success. That final score tells you how the team performed. The individual progress motivates us to continue forward while the struggles either invigorate us to continue forward or help us decide to focus on other areas of our lives.

Measuring business success

The business world can be trickier. Sure, we have metrics in place, but each company can be different in how that is defined. Success can be measured in quantitative numbers as we fill our days. How many hours did we work? How many emails did we send? How many phone calls did we make? How many sales proposals were finalized? How many meetings did we attend? The list can go on as we gather numbers to show how productive we – or our employees – have been throughout the day.

Success can also be measured qualitatively. How did that last phone call go? Did we progress past the gatekeeper? Did we find a better way to present material? Did the team work together more efficiently? Again, there are numerous ways you and your team have been able to measure success through experiences and feedback.

The issue with all of this, however, is that success can be fluid in these cases. They may point to individual success or team success, but are they truly helping your bottom line? Isn’t that the true measure of success in the business world? Then you throw in unplanned emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and some metrics become increasingly difficult to define. Success may have just been surviving, as a business and a team, through this past year of the pandemic when initially goals were to thrive.

The foundation of success

We all know that measuring success needs to have a good foundation. That foundation often includes your team members along with clear objectives and goals. This often comes with benchmarks and tracking of progress through updates via email or virtual and in-person meetings. One of the issues, however, is how that goal is determined. Who are you allowing to speak into the process? Who are you empowering when it comes to your team members? Are you giving them the necessary resources they need to be successful in all ways.

We know you can’t directly answer those questions, but we do want you to think about your processes. Those processes and decisions directly impact the ability to be successful. But it takes more than just that.

In fact, you can have all the proper processes, procedures and resources, and your team can still fail. That sales proposal can become a flop. The potential client could choose someone else. That gatekeeper might not let you past the physical or virtual desk or door to interact with the true decision maker. Where does that leave you?

The role of guided selling software

It doesn’t have to leave you starting all over. In fact, this is where guided selling software comes into play. It doesn’t take over your team’s skills and resources. Instead it collaborates with it. It becomes one more part of your team with the goal of success.

Through guided selling software, artificial intelligence is used that pulls in data and analyzes it. It takes seemingly individual data and works it together to find the direct path to success. It helps determine who the true gatekeeper is in the process. It helps decide what is important to convey to your potential or current client to close that next deal. It cuts out the excess process for you and for that client. Why waste your time, or their time, when you truly can get to the necessary data to make informed decisions in a quicker and easier way?

That’s what our Zebrafi software does. It works with your team and your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics systems to help you find your perfect fit prospects, which we like to call your Zebras. It works to build case studies and presentation materials for you and your team to use in your client interactions. All of this is done within our software system, which also teaches you how to present value, speak the language of power and build business materials to support your business as your client’s solution. This holistic sales system is done through a live, interactive sales platform.

We truly are the only sales system you will ever need. In fact, we will likely change how you measure success within your company as our customers experience faster sales cycles, larger deals and higher close rates with our methods and software. Aren’t you ready to redefine how you measure success in your business? Call us at 1 833-594-7120 or email us at info@zebrafi.com to learn how we can help you achieve your goals to Find, Close and Retain the right customers.


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