What CRM is 

CRM(Customer Relationship Management is an internal facing repository of sales activity. CRM  is used effectively every day to track who has been contacted, what was communicated, and when to connect again. From a tracking perspective CRM helps management monitor activity at a very high level. CRM helps sellers plan activity and organize customer information.

The biggest complaint from sales professionals is that CRMs actually detract from selling and require significant administration to keep updated. Adoption for top sellers is low.

From the buyer’s perspective, sellers disappoint. Sellers are often not prepared, presentations are untargeted, uninspired and non-personalized. They often book appointments with the wrong buyers. For these reasons, everyday buyers become even more reluctant to grant appointments to sellers.

Why You Need SFA

SFA(Sales Force Automation) actually helps sellers grow sales. Look for a SFA solution that can do the following:

  • Complete CRM fields as a byproduct of its use
  • Automate prospect specific materials using CRM information
  • Create a software guided sales process that is repeatable
  • Create a collaborative buying experience, identifying business issues and value creation with the prospect
  • Reach a smarter decision faster 

Ideally the more the SFA is used the better it should get, and the CRM would have more valuable deal information than it previously had.


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