The Zebra Buying Cycle helps you find and sell to Power, increasing your sales. 

We use the phrase “buying cycle” rather than “sales cycle” because the latter term means you are seeking someone to sell to. A buying cycle targets the person who can buy from you. There is a distinction.

When you sell to someone, you are likely speaking with a person who has no decision-making authority. When you pursue a person who can buy from you, you are engaging with Power.

Who or What Is Power?

Power is the person who:

  • Defines the company’s business issues
  • Is responsible for promises that get the project approved
  • Achieves and reports project results
  • Can make a decision to buy, even without a defined budget

Power is the focus of the Zebra Buying Cycle.

Identify the Pain Points to Reach Power

If you sell to Power, you are selling to the one paid to evaluate risk, make decisions considering that risk, and carry out a plan of action to support the decision. Selling to anyone else is a waste of time and resources. It’s unproductive.

The Zebra Buying Cycle enables you to provide Power with everything needed to make the fastest possible decision. Give Power:

  • A prediction of the specific value they can achieve using your solution
  • An easy decision-making process
  • The best way to evaluate your solution and the resources it will take
  • An explanation of what Power’s company loses by not moving forward with your solution

Then step back and watch the Zebra run with it.

The Zebra Buying Cycle Answers 3 Critical Questions

Identifying your Zebra and following the Zebra Buying Cycle answers three sales questions quickly and consistently.

  • Will this prospect buy anything?
  • Will this — and should this — prospect buy anything from you?
  • Will this prospect buy now?

Those are the questions that matter. If the prospect will not buy anything, you have not found your perfect prospect, and you are not selling to Power. Instead, look for your Zebra, who is ready to buy — from you — right now.

This Is the (Zebra) Way

Following the Zebra Way supercharges your productivity because you spend time defining your perfect prospect and selling only to Power. Leave any imperfect prospects at the gate without your team wasting resources.

When you only have Zebras buying from you, you increase your pipeline close rates and shorten your sales cycle (now known as the Buying Cycle). You make better use of your resources while making all your customers happy. Happy customers are immediately reference-worthy.

Selling to Power also grows your average deal size and increases sales to new and existing clients. They know you will solve the pain points specific to their business. As a result, those customers stay with you, increasing your retention rate.

In the Future

Future posts provide a step-by-step path to a 90% close rate. You’ll learn:

  • How to identify, sell to, and close your Zebra
  • How to determine Power’s pain points your solution solves and demonstrate the value it creates
  • How to use information about your solution to create a foolproof model for predicting and proving the value you create for your Zebra

These posts hold specific information for helping you secure appointments with Power. You will learn to:

  • Create a custom presentation that reflects your unique message
  • Prove the value created with your solution
  • Negotiate for the business, forcing the solution’s success to make a happy, long-term customer. 

Why leave things to chance when you can use a foolproof method that is lying at your fingertips?

Look for our next blog to start your journey.


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