Recently we shared the importance of knowing the basics about your audience to build a stronger foundation of success for your sales team and its sales materials. link to that blog but don’t see it live. Having the answers alone isn’t enough. It is important to take the increased knowledge and use that to further develop your brand messaging and create sales deliverables to share with the entire team so everyone from the receptionist to sales to the CEO delivers the same company description.

That is how your brand voice starts to resonate in the marketplace. This brand messaging communicates the value your company delivers and becomes the package your team can use daily to share your deliverables. What does that brand messaging look like? It looks like the following:

  • Having a logo that can tell your company’s story in 30 seconds.
  • Knowing your category.
  • Having a competitor analysis.
  • Developing a persona for your target audience.
  • Knowing your value proposition.
  • Having an elevator pitch.
  • Having a corporate fact sheet summarizing your company.

You may be wondering how you can even start to build these items when you and your staff are already stretched so thin and the ideas may seem overwhelming. That’s where we come in! We don’t just make suggestions on what you need. We also provide you the support you need to be more successful. In fact, you can receive a free consult on your company’s branding with where you are right now!

Simply contact us today at 1-833-594-7120 or info@zebrafi.com. We know that these sales documents, along with our guided selling software, are the keys to your company’s further success to Find, Close and Retain the right customers by working together to gain faster sale cycles, larger deals and higher win rates.


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