35126028_MIsn’t it frustrating when you think you are so close to actually closing a sales deal and it falls through? Maybe you have stopped hearing from the potential client completely. You aren’t alone, and you likely feel like you, once again, wasted your time chasing down a potential client that resulted in nothing to show. We also know that forecast pipeline close rates are highly unpredictable. Even though it is often used, it just isn’t the best way because we know so much can change from that initial conversation to the deal being closed. The sales cycle process is long. It takes time and numerous interactions. Even COVID-19 has changed that process as we have moved from in-person to more remote sales interactions.

Sadly, as you know, sometimes it even means the person you have been talking with to convince them during the sales process isn’t even the one to make the final decision. I’m sure you even start to lose count of how many times you were directly or indirectly told no to actually closing the deal. You may even sigh at the number of workshops – in person or through Zoom – you have attended or sales books you have read just hoping you would learn the newest secret technique of success to better your odds of closing that next deal. It’s no wonder this process can be tedious, time-consuming and frustrating at times, but it doesn’t have to be.

A Different Approach

We, here at Zebrafi, know a different sales approach that works because the sales process doesn’t have to be frustrating, time-consuming or tedious. It can be much better than all of that. Zebrafi supports your sales team with a guided selling software system that identifies your best fit prospects and potential customers, tracks their chances of closing, provides benefits-focused presentations, and offers clear and reliable sales forecasts on deals closing. We don’t leave you there though; our software also creates prospect-specific documents and business cases based on value drivers. All for you to use in the sales process.

You may initially think “that’s great that we can have all that information.” But you may also wonder, “what about the sales interaction?” We offer sales coaching and create custom materials to help you land those prospective clients who could benefit from your products and services.

Changing The Way

Of course, we can give you the metric-driven numbers to show our success, but sometimes we need more than just the numbers as examples. One of our case studies highlighting this success involves the CEO of a SaaS automotive platform.

“We’ve moved from transactional to consultative sales. Our influence within our customer base has improved and now we can scale. Zebrafi changed the way our customer looks at us,” We appreciate this CEO sharing his story with us, you can read the full details on our website.

In essence, his company was having trouble signing and retaining repair shop customers despite all the benefits their platform offered (not least that it was free!). The technology-based solution was a hard sell to old-school parts managers who had long-standing relationships with suppliers and believed they were already getting the best price. The sales team began to feel a little desperate and were pursuing any lead. The result was long sales cycles, low close rates, slow adoption, and high business development costs.

Our Customized Solution

That’s when we stepped in. The customized Zebrafi solution has enabled their team to use a sophisticated business-case-based sales approach successfully in an old-school industry. By targeting the best prospects, talking directly to the person with budget authority, and implementing a best-practice retention strategy, the company has achieved remarkable results in 10 short months.

Overall statistics show our Zebrafi guided selling software system has helped this team to achieve the following:

  • Obtained 247 new signed sales agreements, doubling number signed over the same period last year
  • Increased revenue by 43%
  • Increased profit by 286%
  • Reduced cost of account retention by 50%
  • Reduced time to sales productivity by 66%

A Clear Path for Your Success

We were so excited for Steve and his team as we worked together through our guided selling software system. The same can be accomplished for your business regardless of the industry, product or service. We truly provide a clear path for success for your sales team, which also makes them excited to continue to sell your products and services and ultimately close those deals. Want to talk with us further?

You can reach us at 800-993-6579 or email us at info@zebrafi.com to talk about how we can work together to help you close that deal without you feeling frustrated that you wasted time once again. Instead, your sales team can celebrate one more closed sale as you continue to the next. That excitement only grows as you watch your own statistics come together and positively affect your business and the difference you make for your clients. We look forward to being a part of that!


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