Noise surrounds us. Whether it is the sounds of nature or the sounds of daily life, we become accustomed to what we hear daily. Some sounds we enjoy, such as the noise of the birds, wind chimes and the coffee pot. Sometimes we become so used to daily noises that we fail to realize some of them are really barriers to our goals. The noise of the garbage truck slows down our commute. The dripping faucet increases our water bill. The list could go on.

Noise also exists within the sales industry. We may not think of it as noise. In fact, we may think of it instead as simply barriers standing in our way to achieve the goals, which is usually closing a deal. Instead the barriers block our goal and, in essence, make us feel as if we have wasted time, energy and resources on what we had hoped would have been that next big success. We know our Zebrafi guided selling software removes the noise in this process. In order to recognize this happening, however, we have to recognize what creates noise — or barriers — in the sales process.

We all are familiar with the gatekeeper. That person, or role, that doesn’t effectively pass along our phone calls, emails or messages. The one who tells us the decision-maker is unavailable. We must remember that person is simply doing their job, just as we are trying to do ours. Instead, we end up in games of phone tag or being bounced around to different people who aren’t the one to make the final decision. Our guided selling software helps you communicate with your zebras, or best fit potential clients and get straight to the decision-makers.

We all have limited time in a day. No matter how hard we try to multi-task or combine our efforts, we still have the same amount of time daily. Sometimes that barrier is simply running out of time to make that next call or follow up one more time, especially as we try to successfully find that work-life balance. Sometimes that barrier is the ability to match our available time with the potential client. They are running out of daily time too.

We all have different risk tolerances. Some ideas are new and scary to us and even to our potential clients. In these moments, we must remember we all have different risk tolerances. While one client may be ready to make the leap right away, another one may struggle with taking the first step forward. That could mean continued reassurance and again, more time.

We all are overwhelmed with options. We can all think of times when a menu of some sort was placed in front of us, and we froze from having too many options. Just think of how hard it is to pick out a flavor in the ice cream aisle at the grocery store! The same can happen in sales. Too many options can cause potential clients to freeze. With our guided selling software, we provide you the resources to limit this freezing process.

We all may lack resources. Sometimes an idea or product sounds good, but the resources may not always be available — at that moment. That could be financial resources or even personnel support. In fact, this is where the benefits of Zebrafi outweigh any perceived lack of resources through what our guided selling software can accomplish.

We all are susceptible to groupthink. This is where a group member does not voice opposing thoughts in a discussion or meeting. Instead everyone feels the pressure to support — or not support — a suggestion or a plan. In essence, the group thinks as one without any opposing voice. This can be dangerous territory for groups as it limits discussion as well as creativity. Our system helps you to again present information and plans in a clear way where questions are also welcomed.

We all can be afraid. The same can happen in business situations, even though we may project the opposite in our non-verbal communication. Changing a system can be risky. We know our guided selling software works better than other CRM software systems. We also know that people can be afraid to try new plans and options. Through our software presentations, we clearly identify the path forward to calm any fears.

We could continue to add to this list of noise in decision-making processes. In fact, you may already recognize other barriers within your organization or office. What we know is these barriers don’t have to delay your progress. Instead we can work together, with our guided selling software, to create a clear path of success for your business without the barriers and noise you have easily accepted. We look forward to talking with you at 1-833-594-7120 or info@zebrafi.com to learn how we can help you achieve your goals to Find, Close and Retain the right customers.


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