If we were to ask you how you are keeping your records updated for potential clients, how would you respond? We know. We can’t really hear your answers, but we do want you to reflect on that for a moment.

Most likely, you are using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system. While the databases within these systems keep information organized in some way, they are not efficient at matching your solutions with your potential client’s needs or pain points. In fact, you likely have to update records by hand to keep this information in somewhat of an organized system.

That usually means you also have an organization workflow system in place to relay information to the person who is inputting the data with multiple reports run and sent back and forth. You may actually feel there is no light at the end of this tunnel built around paperwork and data. While this is progress over the olden days of keeping records in hand-written journals or even on index cards, there is a better way. One that creates a clear path of success.

That way is through our Zebrafi sales software system that helps you easily find, close and retain the right customers or your zebras as we call them. Our sales software also helps eliminate activity-based marketing as this overwhelms potential clients with continual email and voice mail pitches.

Activity-Based Marketing Techniques

You likely use some of these activity-based techniques already. Are they truly beneficial to your time and resources as you aim for your goals? Probably not.

What do these activity-based marketing techniques look like? In essence, they aim to make sure your sales pitches are going to the right potential customer at the right time. It is all based on actions by the potential client and your reaction as the provider of what they do – or don’t – know they need from you to be more successful. It truly is an inbound process.

By comparison, ads on media outlets such as television, radio and even direct mail are outbound marketing techniques. Those are sent out with the hope someone will respond. With activity-based marketing, you are responding to an interest of some type by a potential client. The goal is to build off of the value a customer already perceives simply by their interaction with you.

Such examples may include the following:

If you have a website and a potential client visits it, you may send an email to them after their visit.

If you have a product or a service they could find beneficial, you may send them an ad or a reminder to complete a process.

Ifs and Whens

Much of this sounds like a math equation. If they – your potential client – do something, you react with something already planned and available. This relies on a lot of “if” and “when” throughout the process. While you are hoping, with this system, to make a connection, it isn’t always effective. Actually, if you think of how many emails or targeted ads you dismiss, you can see how ineffective they can be. It also requires coordination with systems such as Google Analytics in an effort to be personalized and targeted online. That doesn’t even take into account voicemails left after they initiate a process.

In-person, it also means having tracking processes in place when it comes to reactions from announcements and press releases or any other external communication or marketing material. Again, that becomes time-consuming within a system to develop, track and review. In essence, it also requires research to know where to send these communications and maintaining that list and process. It also means multiple streams can exist. For example, how you process an activity-based marketing piece for social media will look different than how you process it for an event or even a phone call.

This system also considers more than one person as a decision-maker. While this may be true in some organizations, usually one person is making the final decision. Also it doesn’t take into consideration those moments when someone other than the decision-maker is gathering resources and in essence filtering options. The gatekeeper is once again doing their job; it’s just an unknown factor to you.

Zebrafi’s Better Way

In essence, your role becomes one of research, planning, documenting, executing, measuring and sharing. All with the hope of increased ROI leading to increased sales and revenue as you work to meet your sales goals as individuals and a company. Honestly, that is a lot to consider with all the other responsibilities you have. There is a better way to be successful.

Your CRM software system and activity-based marketing may have once had a place in your growing organization. However, our sales software here at Zebrafi can take you to the next level of your sales goals as you work to find, close and retain your own zebras, those perfect-fit customers just waiting for you. Call us at 1 833-594-7120 or email us at info@zebrafi.com to learn how we can help you achieve greater success within your goals.


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