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What separates the experts from amateurs in sales? The use of guided selling is one tactic that can mean the difference between closing a sale (or not) and creating an ongoing business relationship. In essence, this means having a deep strategic understanding of what matters to your customers and clarifies the financial results of working together. Here at Zebrafi, we are able to provide the following expertise within guided selling:

  • Target the right prospects by vetting the best fit between that prospect’s pain points and the solutions you offer. We call these perfect fit potential prospects your “Zebras.”
  • Invert the sales funnel by earning the right to first go to the decision-maker with control of the budget. We call this person Power. They can make a buying decision and help you avoid all gatekeepers standing in the way of your goals and success.
  • Quantify the value you have delivered to previous clients and capture it within metric-driven case studies. These metrics clearly show your track record of success available to your next Zebra.
  • Leverage a groundbreaking cloud-based platform that simplifies and guides the sales process by capturing in-depth customer information and feeding it into powerful executive-level messaging and presentations. We truly are the world’s first true guided selling system.
  • Arm sales leaders with customized marketing materials and metrics on a live sales platform for interactive, value-based discussions. This includes sales presentations created so all salespeople can stay in alignment with marketing messages and share actual numbers of previous client successes with a new prospect.
  • Develop a business case demonstrating the financial impact you will provide to the decision-maker to gain buy-in and close the sale. Key stakeholders can all meet virtually to interact, tweak scenarios and agree upon the best path for moving forward in working together.
  • Focus and refine the efforts of your sales team as they work in our Zebrafi platforms with the details being automatically updated in your Salesforce or Dynamics system.

Truly our expertise is wide in how we can help your guided sales process. Ready to talk with us now about guiding selling and our expertise to help you through this process? Let’s talk at 1-833-594-7120 or info@zebrafi.com to learn how we can help you achieve your goals to Find, Close and Retain the right customers by working together to gain faster sale cycles, larger deals and higher win rates.