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Accelerate growth with sales solutions
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Startups Only

Unlimited Access

The free Zebrafi startup program provides access to Scoring, Forecasting, and Salesbot to accelerate your growth.


Zebra Scoring is a unique way to qualify opportunities upfront and throughout the sales cycle. Are requests for resources such as solution and demonstration experts, access to R&D, sales and executive management based on a measurable prioritization process?


The forecasting tool and dashboard includes AI close probability on each account in the forecast. Leveraging the stage, scores, and other attributes of your opportunity, the system will get more accurate at predicting deal closure.


Need more qualified leads?
Zebrafi's salesbot uses AI to identify more leads that are similar to your best customers. Add Salesbot to Zebrafi or Salesforce.

Case Study Management

Zebrafi organizes case studies to support the measurable impact of your solution. It helps every rep talk about strategic deals as if they had closed them.


Are you waiting until renewal before engaging with your customer? With Zebrafi, every opportunity contains a business case suitable for a productive retention meeting post sale.

Business Case

How often are you using a business case? Does it include total cost of ownership and ROI based on your VOC's? Build a collaborative business case directly with prospects in Zebrafi. Sellers and buyers are guided through the production of a mutually agreed upon business case.

Zebrafi offers two versions of the free offering.

Option 1: Free software, videos, help center, and customer creates their own content.

Option 2: Free software, videos, help center, and Zebrafi provides support. Customer and Zebrafi will mutually agree on a sales target that, when achieved, Zebrafi can share in the success. This is a skin-in-the-game option where you only pay as sales increase.

Zebrafi Success Stories
"Weekly we engage sales…how are we going to move these opportunities from a red to a yellow and a yellow to a green, rather than have a conversation about the phone calls we used to count."

Are you Ready?

Lets scale your sales organization and improve forecasting together.

Zebrafi Startup Program

There are only two requirements:


Zebrafi for Startups provides a monthly credit for twelve months and up to 50 users, redeemable for a software only Zebrafi subscription with access to Scoring, Forecasting, Salesbot, Case Study Management, and Business Case. Consulting Services, content building, add-ons, and integrations are not included. Zebrafi will evaluate and at its discretion extend the program to support your startup. Free accounts will be deactivated after 120 days of inactivity.  After 90 days of account inactivity, Zebrafi will send you an email with a signin link to keep your account active. Use and access to Zebrafi software under this program shall be governed by Zebrafi’s Master Subscription Agreement and Data Privacy Policy.

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