??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Presentations matter. We can all think of those presentations that linger in our minds as well as those we quickly dismiss, often during the presentation itself. Here at, Zebrafi, our remote selling platform develops customized case studies and presentations supported with metrics to help you best connect with and engage your zebras, those perfect-fit customers for your business.

Through presentations, you establish yourself and your business as trustworthy, credible and competent. Additionally, your zebras will pick up on your confidence in your thoughts, skills and business offerings available to help them meet their goals. In essence, they will judge these aspects as they determine whether your organization is the best choice for them. With our software, we help you through this process.

Providing a clear message for your audience

As you present your materials, with our software, your message is reinforced. How many times have you left an in-person or virtual presentation and shared the insight gained with another person? The same happens as you present who you and your organization are. Your organization, and even you as the presenter, are talked about long after the presentation in internal and external circles. It’s why a clear message during a presentation is important, and our remote selling software helps you find that clarity to leave a powerful and positive lasting impression.

Motivating audience members to choose you

The goal of your presentation is to not just present information, including case studies and metrics, but to motivate your audience to do something – in this case, to select your business to help meet their goals. The manner in which you present your information directly affects this. Ultimately you want your zebras to select you! It is why you put all the time and effort into creating the best presentation you can. It is also why our remote selling software helps you meet this goal.

Just as your potential zebras are looking to expand or reinforce their business, you are working to grow your business. Your presentations impact your own future. When a zebra closes a deal with you, your business grows. When they pass on you and select another organization, you have to restart or hope the next zebra comes through. Not only are you providing a service for your clients. They are providing a basis for your business and its future. A successful presentation with our remote selling software can make all the difference in their decision and your individual and business future.

Helping you network better

Potential clients can change jobs and even industries, at times. As you make your presentations, you are also growing your network. That quiet audience member in the conference room or on the Zoom call may be a future decision-maker within that company or even one you haven’t heard of yet. Just as networking in person can never be underestimated, networking through presentations has value, even when a deal isn’t closed. Our remote selling software can also help you with networking with your known and future zebras.

Becoming a stronger presenter

Presentations also build your confidence, motivation and understanding of your own product and services. If you are able to explain or teach something to another person, you have a clear understanding of it yourself. Even in your own business you may be unsure of different aspects or see how things tie together for a potential client. Working through the process of developing content and presenting helps you understand even more. This helps you in reaching your zebras but also further developing on a professional, and possibly personal level. Just think of how far you have grown since that first presentation! With our remote selling software, you don’t have to go through this process alone and you may even personally overcome some of your own fears about public speaking.

As we know from presentation adaptations since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, presentations need to be flexible. What was once in conference rooms and large halls has been turned into Zoom meetings and recordings. While these adaptations were and continue to be new to many businesses, they aren’t to us. In fact, our track record of proven client success with remote selling and presentations has spanned 20 years. We understand how to best deliver information within presentations while also using our sales software.

We don’t, however, leave you after the presentation to close the deal. We continue to work with and support you through the sales process beyond the presentation. It’s part of our emphasis on finding the zebras for your business. Again, that is the perfect fit for a potential client. By focusing on the right customers, you are in closer and faster reach of success. Our system also scores your prospects to show you what needs to be done to guide the prospect to the next level in the buying journey. As a team we work together, with our remote selling software, to make your presentations and business a further success.

Ready to talk about this more? Call us at 1 833-594-7120 or email us at info@zebrafi.com to learn how we can help you achieve your goals to Find, Close and Retain the right customers.

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