???????????????????????????????????????????????????Remember that funny video clip you recently watched with the hamster spending its day just running in circles on the wheel in its cage. While it’s cute and maybe relaxing to watch, it isn’t that way when you feel like the hamster as you work to spin the wheels and processes to continually win and retain customers. In this process, forget about even thinking of trying to gain new customers. Just like the hamster, everything can go sideways quickly with just one small adjustment on the wheel. Often that means current or potential clients look elsewhere for supporting their needs.

We have all heard the reasons why people leave a company for a competitor. Poor customer service, not meeting expectations, not seeing value, inconsistent business model and information, and outdated sales tactics. In fact, an Entrepreneur article from 2018 goes into detail on all these aspects. As if being reminded of all a company is doing wrong to retain customers isn’t enough, lists and articles are full of different ways – some trying to be hip and cool – to keep customers happy.

An exhausting process

In truth, all this information is exhausting to continually process and implement. The need is always there to constantly stay in contact, provide giveaways or surprise offers, setting and meeting expectations, allowing and sometimes begging for feedback and focusing on building and maintaining trust. This list could go on. You likely can even think of a recent article or email newsletter pushing the latest technique that promises to retain all of your customers. That’s also on top of staying current with what your competitors are offering to their potential, your current, clients. Often times your day is already full so these just add to your stress or become one more responsibility you push off onto another overworked employee. All while still like the hamster spinning in its wheel.

Often instead of maintaining these relationships and techniques so customers stay with you, you may instead feel like you are hand-holding them through the process or overwhelming your own staff with “let’s try this next” or “sign up for this free webinar so we can learn what we need to do.” All this happens while you neglect to focus on adding a new client. It is a balancing act. One that often mimics a juggler. If one piece of the act goes sideways, it all does. And then you have to pick up the pieces and start all over again. Sometimes the whole process leaves the juggler, you, injured too, or the hamster and its wheel in a crashing mess.

Changing the cycle

Can you see yourself within this vicious sales cycle? SaaS and subscription services are what the market wants. SaaS allows buyers to try a product with a low monthly entrance fee. But, it also means they can leave for a competitor just as easily. SaaS business, therefore, requires us to continuously earn and re-earn our customers’ business — or lose it.

Sadly, the tools and processes you and your account managers use to retain and expand your business are the same tools to acquire the business, leaving you vulnerable. Ultimately, these systems don’t focus on client retention. But a better way does exist. One that helps you retain your customers, leaving them feeling like you do still care. This process builds on the value-based relationship, and improves your retention and sales expansion success.

This all happens through our Zebrafi software platform through your current Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Hubspot platform and even updates with bi-directional syncs. We implement a retention and expansion process for you and your B2B sales organization that vets existing customers against preset criteria. This way you know which customers need and deserve your time.

We also provide tools and teach you and your sales team how to present value, speak the language of power and build business materials that demonstrate the value you create for each customer. Zebrafi guides the sales team in designing custom business cases for C-level executives in the form of metrics-driven presentations and case studies that forecast the financial impact of the solution. All of this happens in our live, interactive retention platform. This platform is a holistic system that demonstrates value and creates trust, ultimately eliminating the hamster wheel.

A proven track record

This isn’t a new process for us. We have over 20 years of proven success with clients while working virtually. This means we know how to guide you step-by-step through the software sales process. You aren’t left to wonder, research and discover for yourself. We are right there with you to help you identify Zebras, those best-fit clients, as we work together to then close and retain them. Let’s start with a conversation at 1-833-594-7120 or info@zebrafi.com to learn how we can help you achieve your goals to Find, Close, and Retain the right customers.

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