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Seismic vs Zebrafi

Don’t settle for Seismic.

Don't Settle For Seismic

Don’t waste months standing up a sales enablement solution where there is no empirical evidence that it increases deals size, improves close rates, or shortens sales cycles.

Why spend weeks setting up tags, folders and experiences only to see your sellers struggling to find content, and not understanding how to use it in context with the buyers journey your prospects crave.

You’ll end up with complex recommendation rules (if-this—then-show-that) that simply match content with tags.

Delight your prospects by arming your sellers with Zebrafi’s Guided Selling Cloud that collaboratively guides sellers and buyers with materials delivered in context on the buyers’ journey. 

Each step is logically prescribed with clear objectives and the right materials needed for execution.

What is needed is not just a content management system, but a content creation and management system. A system that creates the right materials that are needed, when they are needed to support the buyers journey.

This is what increases deal size, increases close rates and reduces the length of sales cycles, creating an impressive 4x return on sales enablement (ROSE) that your CFO will approve.

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