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Change from voice of the sales rep to Voice of the Customer (VoC) case studies

Use Metrics and quotes to Prove Value

What's Different

Some of our clients have paid upwards of $100k to have a large consulting firm do VoC work! Zebrafi can offer VoC work, of the same quality, for a fraction of the price, and in less than half the time. We’re able to do this because we have a software focused mindset. By doing your VoC work, we hope this is an introduction to more of the Zebrafi tools that enable your team to close more business.

"Zebrafi has been transformational for Tubular. Everything we do is based on the Voice of the Customer work done by Zebrafi."
Chief Marketing Officer

Use Metrics and quotes to Prove Value

Why prospects buy

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Voice of the Customer reports prove and substantiate the real value of your solution to prospects. It defines the critical business issues your prospect can solve and quantifies the value in metrics.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Steve Messenger
CEO, Partstrader

“We’ve moved from transactional to consultative sales. Our influence within our customer base has improved and now we can scale. Zebrafi changed the way our customer looks at PartsTrader”

Steve Davis
COO, Author-it

“A higher percentage of sales cycles close because sellers identify Author-it Zebras and have an early meeting with Power to gain sponsorship to verify a pre-prepared value proposition.”

Todd Schneider
CFO & COO, Serigraph

“Through the first six months of this year we have sold more than we did all of last year, and I attribute that entirely to our new process.”

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Zebrafi changes the typical case study from product centric to value centric and includes provable customer metrics.

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