Supply Chain Selling System


Zebrafi is a selling system designed by former supply chain experts, specifically to optimize their sales process and results.
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Supply Chain Selling System

Origin Story

Before supply chain was even a buzzword, Zebrafi founders took Baan Supply Chain from one sales rep and less than a million dollars in revenue to eighty-five million in just two years. The process we built then, is the foundation of the Zebrafi Selling System that we offer today. The Zebrafi Selling System creates a step-by-step process we call the “Anatomy of a Sales Cycle.” This produces a “paint by the numbers” process that guides a salesperson through each step in the sales cycle. Zebrafi automates client-specific presentation materials to create a better buying experience for your prospects.

Zebra Idea at Baan

Baan was one sales rep, less than a million in revenue

Proof of Concept

Baan reaches $85 million in Sales

Best Business Book of 2008

“Jeff and Chad Koser wrote a book that I consider one of the best sales books I have read in the last decade.” - Marc Kramer, Wharton

Complete Sales System

Zebrafi Platform is launched to maximize the benefit of CRM, along with certified consulting by a fractional CRO


Salesforce, Dynamcis and Hubspot integrations released

Supply Chain Stories

One of our clients sold Airbus a multimillion-dollar solution. Airbus had to build and maintain a room full of manuals for every airplane. Five new engineers at a cost of €125k euros were hired for every new plane put in the air to keep the plane flying. Airbus paid big penalties for airplanes “on the ground”.
Our client installed a solution leveraging Supply Chain, Logistics, AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language processing that layers over the top of the Airbus SAP ERP installation and the ERP systems of every tier 1 supplier that provides parts to Airbus. This created visibility to every part, every rev of software, every system in every plane all over the world with a network that would keep each plane in the air.

Ford Visteon – Ford Motor company parts division was a $16B startup that never had to compete with outside suppliers. Ford split them off from the parent and made them compete with outside suppliers. The largest truck accel manufacturing plant in the world was producing the rear-end accel for the bestselling truck in the world. And their lead time was twice as long as competitors from the US, China and Japan. They were part of Ford and couldn’t even keep the business. A mfg. supply chain solution which identified all of the critical bottlenecks was implemented cutting cycle time by 65% and saving over $50m in overtime and other costs per year. Zebrafi’s expertise is both in achieving outstanding software sales results and how the process is applied in the supply chain software arena.

Free Book... Is it Good?

“Jeff and Chad Koser wrote a book [Selling to Zebras] that I consider one of the best sales books I have read in the last decade.” – Marc Kramer, Wharton School of Management at the University of Pennsylvania.



“By using Zebrafi, our average sales price more than tripled, from $190,000 to $600,000”
Kevin calderwood
IBM | Vivisimo
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What our Customers Are Saying

"In my opinion, it is typically hard to get your sales team to stop talking about product and to start selling value. There is no better way to sell and prove value than by empowering every seller with Zebrafi Guided Selling."
"As a decision maker, I knew I wanted to control a buying process, not get entangled in a time-wasting sales cycle. It is what I expected, so this is what I provide my sales team. I have used Zebrafi Guided Selling at three different companies empowering my sellers to conduct the buying cycle that an executive expects."
"One of the best ways to increase your sales at any business"

We're All About Results

In the Software/SaaS, Manufacturing and Services industries, we have demonstrated high growth results for clients


+ 43 %
Deal Size
+ 21 %
Faster Sales Cycle
+ 964 %
Higher Win Rate


+ 13 %
Deal Size
+ 25 %
Faster Sales Cycle
+ 225 %
Higher Win Rate


+ 50 %
Deal Size
+ 22 %
Faster Sales Cycle
+ 310 %
Higher Win Rate

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