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Zebrafi ROI Calculator

Create provable ROI bottom-line projections for each unique prospect. The financial projections are provable because they are predicated on what you’ve done for others.

Build your ROI

ROI Workflow

Create your own ROI Calculator for you and your team


Pick a few customers that are a great fit for your business. What are the financial benefits your customer derives when using your product?List each component of your companies offering that generates quantifiable value. We organize these by how they impact Revenue, Cost Savings, Productivity and Compliance


Take your list of Value drivers and attempt to quantify. Has your customer told you that your solution has prevented the need to hire additional resources? What is the average cost of that role? Set up your calculation to start quantifying the total value of your solution


Create a sample opportunity and Test your ROI calculator. Have you captured the most important ways customers capture value for your solution? Is the financial prediction believable? Is ROI within a realistic range of what your customers get? Does the payback period happen early enough to de-risk the investment?

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Use the Zebrafi ROI Calculator

The Zebrafi ROI Calculator will increase close rates because the sales rep is armed with the ability to project the bottom-line financial benefit for each new prospect in the most believable format possible. In addition, each ROI projection is customized to each opportunity and based on the lowest achievement for each value driver to create the utmost credibility. The result is a believable and provable ROI!

Increase your sales IQ


Sales reps that use Zebrafi advance their sales knowledge by learning how to speak about value and risk from a decision makers perspective. A positive ROI might be great, but how long does it take to return your investment? Read More

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