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Does your organization sell its’ value to customers? If not, to do so starts with customer case study proof of the value they derived from your product.
Customer proof – metrics-based

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Proof of Value

Zebrafi’s Guided Selling System includes value-based materials in addition to the metrics-based case studies.

We prove our customer’s value and how they differentiate from their competitors.

We do this by producing Customer Case Studies including deep financial metrics and customer quotes proving the value created for your customer.

Zebrafi has been creating Voice of the Customer Case Studies that include provable metrics for over 10 years. Forrester and Gartner charge $80,000 or more for similar case studies. 

To prove our value, if you qualify, we will create one for you – at no charge.

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Vivisimo’s average sales price increased, leading to acquisition by IBM​
0 %
Taleo increases deal size, leading to acquisition by Oracle
0 M
iDirect acquired by Singapore Tech

Do I qualify?

You qualify for this offer if you can say yes to the following four questions:

  • Is your company B2B?
  • Do you have more that ten (10) customers or $1m in revenue?
  • Is your company funded?
  • Are you a Software, Technology, Manufacturing or Services company?

Help me prove my value

Our passion is freeing companies to finally realize the profits they’ve been dreaming of.  

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