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Is your Free CRM no longer really Free? If your CRM doesn’t help you close business and if you can’t get 100% sales team adoption, then your free CRM isn’t free.
Are you sick of free this and that that you know isn’t really free? There is a better way.

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Zebrafi's Free CRM

Zebrafi’s CRM is free.

  • Zebrafi CRM helps clean up the environment by eliminating sales exhaust – you know that stuff you have to enter after you do it, that doesn’t help you sell anything
  • You won’t have to beat your reps to get them to use it – it generates materials buyers are asking for (and the materials do not include a picture of your company or how long you’ve been in business)
  • Your sellers don’t have to be told that nobody wants to talk with them, they already know nobody is talking to them – we fix that
  • BDRs turn over leads that are not leads – we definitely fix that
  • Sellers don’t follow-up on the leads they are given and complain they never have enough quality leads – we don’t fix that
  • Client success managers are expected to use tools designed for new account acquisition. This does not work. 
  • Do you do MEDDIC, MEDDPIC and think these qualification tools are a sales methodology – they are not!

If you are trying to run your business with a CRM, instead add the full capabilities of the Zebrafi Guided Selling System with a free CRM.

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Our passion is freeing companies to finally realize the profits they’ve been dreaming of.  

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