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Zebrafi is the Challenger Sale with tools.
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Challenge Everything

Tools to challenge your prospect.

Challenger Sale theory is about challenging conventional thinking by introducing new ideas. Without tools this approach simply creates more obnoxious sales people.

Voice of the customer

Change the narrative from voice of the sales rep (which is not believed) to voice of the customer which is universally believed.


Challenge your prospect to score every prospect and have the courage to walk from those that are not the right fit.

Business Case

Challenge the prospect with a business case that projects financial value predicated on what others have achieved.

"When a prospect changes one number in the business case, 60% of those deals close."
Denis Crushell

Free Book... Is it Good?

“Jeff and Chad Koser wrote a book [Selling to Zebras] that I consider one of the best sales books I have read in the last decade.” – Marc Kramer, Wharton School of Management at the University of Pennsylvania.




Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer Case Studies are critical in changing the narrative of the sales call. They are provable statements by customers and provide the solid foundation at the beginning of the sales journey.



To shorten sales cycles and increase close rates it is imperative to understand the perfect prospect and have a scoring system that focuses only on those prospects most likely to buy.


Provable Business Case

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