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Leading sales and marketing departments have adopted guided selling to close business faster, more easily, and more profitably.

What is Guided Selling

Guided selling is an emerging category of sales enablement. Let’s define guided selling for the direct sales organization selling in the B2B environment.

Guided selling is a framework that helps sellers leverage data while interacting with a prospect. Unlike other sales enablement tools like CRM, which tends to be sales exhaust, guided selling is the tip of the spear, it can be used live with the prospect, creating constant collaborative interaction.

Guided Selling Use Cases

1. Guided Selling helps to identify prospects who are the perfect fit.

The Zebra Guided Selling Cloud can be used to identify perfect customers, creating the best chance for success of invested time. How do you know the next prospect is a perfect match? Everyone has great customers, but they do not always know how to find more that look, feel, behave, and buy, just like that customer.  Guided selling can help. The Zebra Guided Selling Cloud has a solution. Just enter the website of a great customer into the Zebra Salesbot and it will deliver prospects that look just like that great customer. This ensures you start your sales cycles with the right prospects. 

2. Guided selling delivers marketing messaging, case studies and the appropriate materials at the right time in the buying process.

We must go one step further to be “GUIDING” a buying process. Software can create materials that are customized for the prospect, addressing the business issues the prospect has. Your sellers will be empowered with the knowledge they have the right message because it will be based on the same business issues you solved for your best customers. The best guided selling solutions use software to create collaborative tools for live interactions with prospects.

3. Guided selling collaboratively builds a business case that the prospect can believe.

During this pandemic, companies are tightening budgets to conserve cash. The only B2B solutions that are going to be approved right now will require a business case. Most salespeople do not know how to build a business case because we have not given them tools that would guide them and a prospect through the process. Zebra guided selling uses data instead of  instinct, to start a business case with a prediction of value based on existing clients. This means the assumptions used are directionally accurate. The next step is for the software to guide the seller and buyer through a simple process to verify the assumptions. The result is a collaborative believable business case.

4. Guided selling helps to fulfill the business case.

Most purchase decisions are less permanent than ever before. Most companies, who do not yet sell their solution as a service, are clamoring to do so. Selling a solution as a service makes it easier for the customer to buy, but also easier to change. When expectations are not met, customer’s churn.

Guided selling ensures that the customer results produced match expectations. The business case sets the bar for expectations. Guided selling compares actual results achieved with the original expected business case value. It then provides account managers in-course correction recommendations to make to customers, ensuring they receive expected value.

How Do You Get Started?

Our prospects get value even if they don’t buy.

The process of experiencing a guided selling buying cycle will create cross-departmental value even if a decision is made to stay with the status quo. The process gaps the present sales cycle process with best practice. To experience the process, opt in by contacting us.

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