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Who is it for?

The Zebra community is for founders, CEO’s, sales, marketing, investors and anyone else that is tasked with growing revenue for their organization. The Zebra concepts and tools are a culmination of over 100 years of experience in building high growth sales organizations. Members of the Zebra community have taken their transferable knowledge to advance their career in sales, and have even had some wildly successful exits.

"Selling To Zebras helped us transform our go-to-market strategy, methodology, and organization, increasing our sales, reducing our sales cycle time, and increasing our average deal size."
Pat Williams
Chief Revenue Officer, TUbular

our Contributors

Jeff Koser


Jeff is an award-winning author and has over 30 years of sales leadership experience. Zebrafi grew out of the strategies employed at Baan USA, where Jeff and Brian grew Baan Supply chain from 1 sales rep and less than $500,000 in sales to $55 million in three years.  Baan IPO’d with a $12b market cap. Jeff has helped thousands of sellers and hundreds of companies implement the Zebra Buying Cycle Process.

Brian Gallagher

President, Global Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Brian has a proven track record of success in enterprise sales. Before working with Jeff at Baan USA, Brian was Sales Director in SSA’s Major Account Program for eight years. During Brian’ tenure his program grew from 5 reps to over 100 and revenues grew from $20 million to $500 million . After Success at Baan Brian used Zebra concepts at Matrix-One where sales grew from 10 million to over 100 million and had the third best IPO in 2000.

Brent Nauer

Senior Program Manager

Brent is our global program manager in charge of managing internal and external stakeholders during the enterprise development lifecycle.  He leads the agile development team and built the original wireframes for our remote sales platform. 

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