Software Guided Selling

Zebra Salesbot
for Salesforce

Access millions of companies to generate qualified leads that are similar to your best customers

Predictive AI

Sales Workflow

Stop manually creating target account lists. The Zebra salesbot will qualify new prospects for you.

1-Click Find Companies

With 1-Click in Salesforce, the Zebra salesbot uses AI to identify new prospects that are similar to your best clients.

1-Click Account Creation

If you like the results, select which ones will become accounts.

1-Click Opp Creation

If you like the results, select which ones will become opportunities.

LEAD Generation

Find Similar Companies

The Zebra salesbot gives you a button in Salesforce to identify 5 similar companies. The salesbot uses AI to create a similarity score between your selected opportunity and thousands of potential prospects. You no longer have to manually select the attributes you believe to be important. Zebra looks at everything from Industry, Size, Location, Operations, and more, to focus your organization on quality prospects.

Similar Companies
Kurz 72%
Creative Marketing 68%
Exhibit Deal 67%
GM Namplate 65%
Nelson Miller 62%
"We only sell to Zebras. And everything here is about serving Zebras."
Chief Marketing Officer

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