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“We’ve moved from transactional to consultative sales. Our influence within our customer base has improved and now we can scale. Zebrafi has changed the way our customer looks at PartsTrader.”

Steve Messenger



PartsTrader connects auto insurance companies, parts suppliers and collision repair shops in an online
marketplace for auto parts. The platform allows collision repair shops to obtain quotes from every type
of supplier, enabling them to reduce costs, increase profitability, and improve customer satisfaction at
no cost to their shop. PartsTrader takes a small margin from every part sold through the marketplace.

The Challenge

The company was having trouble signing and retaining repair shop customers despite all the benefits
the PartsTrader platform offered (not least that it was free!). The technology-based solution was a hard
sell to old-school parts managers who had long-standing relationships with suppliers and believed they
were already getting the best price. The sales team became desperate, pursuing any lead. The result
was long sales cycles, low close rates, slow adoption, and high business development costs.


The customized Zebrafi solution has enabled PartsTrader to use a sophisticated business-case based sales
approach successfully in an old-school industry. By targeting best prospects, talking directly to the person
with budget authority, and implementing a best-practice retention strategy, the company has achieved
remarkable results in 10 short months.

  • Obtained 247 new signed sales agreements, doubling number signed over same period last year
  • Increased revenue 43%
  • Increased profit 286%
  • Reduced cost of account retention 50%
  • Reduced time to sales productivity by 66%

Our Clients Love Us

Kevin Vivisimo
Kevin Calderwood
Former President, Vivisimo

“By using Zebra Software, our average sales price more than tripled, from $190,000 to $600,000”

Steve Optima
Steve Hirt
President, Optima

“In our first year alone, our sales improved over 20% and our bottom line increased by 350%.”

steve authorit
Steve Davis
COO, Author-it

“A higher percentage of sales cycles close because sellers identify Author-it Zebras and have an early meeting with Power to gain sponsorship to verify a pre-prepared value proposition.”