Many organizations are struggling with how to conduct business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Can we, should we, and how do we still close business while remaining sensitive to the current world situation without tarnishing our brand and destroying relationships?

Here is a suggested path to follow:

  • Only pursue prospects where you bring great value
  • Approach them courteously and with respect realizing you and your solution might not be a priority at this time
  • Provide them an easy opt-in, or opt-out that leaves them feeling good about you and your company
  • Gain permission to proceed
  • Ask for the business only if you’ve verified the prospect has the business issue and you’ve verified the value of solving the business problem

Here is a suggested talk track and email template you can use to delicately approach prospects who are ready to close:

Hello Mary,

I hope you, your family, fellow employees and customers are healthy and safe.

With respect to the current world situation, we want to be very respectful of how we reach out to you. We understand if you have entirely different priorities at the moment. But, if the timing is right and we can help, we would like to do so.

We together have collaboratively agreed upon the value that the ______ solution will create. Our customers are sometimes constrained by their busy workloads and it may be challenging to dedicate time to implement ______. This can elongate the process of training and the realization of expected benefits.

We believe the current business environment offers a unique opportunity. With the world slowing down a little, this might be the right time to invest in your people, systems, and processes to put you into a position to excel when business moves forward.

We also recommend including your management team’s participation in training to strengthen the awareness and support of the new approach.

Please let me know if and when it is practical to talk.

Stay well!



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