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Concept of supporting the protection of the world from the spread of coronavirus.You have likely heard the European Union is struggling, once again, with new COVID-19 strains as well as vaccine shortages. As throughout the pandemic, we have kept close eyes on what’s happening in Europe as it could be a precursor of what is to come in the United States. Recently a Wall Street Journal article, BioNTech Recruits Rivals to Boost Covid-19 Vaccine Production, highlighted the complexity of the supply chain within the EU affecting production targets.

In essence, BioNTech SE created a global alliance across a web of 13 pharmaceuticals to manufacture and deliver 2 billion vaccine doses. The vaccine uses sophisticated new techniques that require scarce ingredients and radical cold storage requirements. It also needs a delicate supply chain to be maintained involving complex logistics. In addition, the vaccine is vulnerable to the type of export controls the European Union, United Kingdom and United States have imposed in recent months. All of this adds into the complexity of meeting their vaccine distribution goals that have worldwide implications as countries across the globe work to contain the virus and gain a return to normal.

What we find fascinating about this article and situation is that it speaks directly into what our remote software is able to do in providing complex solutions with ways to scale sales, and in this case continued production and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Here at Zebrafi, we have worked with end-end supply chain solutions for over 25 years. In fact, while at Baan, USA, Inc, our founder and CEO, Jeff Koser, grew revenue tenfold in five years to $743m, including ERP and supply chain alone from 1.5m to 80m in 2 years. He has assisted multiple other companies in reaching merger and acquisition goals and participated in a successful IPO which achieved $16b market cap. He is also the award-winning co-author of Selling to Zebras. In 2010, he was recognized as one of the best sales authors of all time in the book, The Sales Gurus.

Zebrafi, under Jeff’s insight and knowledge, provides a powerful solution to help you find your perfect fit of a customer, or a zebra, as we call them. In turn, we help you reach your business goals, increase revenue, increase close rates and even open more doors for you. We also help you empower your sales team, keep that team accountable and provide a foundation for reliable sales projections. We know this doesn’t happen overnight and may seem out of reach, but it isn’t!

Reaching your goals with Zebrafi

It takes relationships, the right type of referrals and the right remote selling software. Our remote selling software system provides solutions through a data-centric focus within a live, interactive sales platform. We have done exactly this for our clients, which have included Airbus, AutoStore, AeroScout and Demantik. In fact, we have served high growth companies with complex solutions as in IoT, Saas/Software, Manufacturing, Services and Hi-Tech. Some of these solutions have included acquisitions. In a four-year stretch alone, five different Zebrafi clients were acquired at many times sales – one was acquired by IBM at 20x revenue for $780m and another by Oracle for 1.6b. That continued to inspire us to build software to replicate the process and help even more companies.

Our remote selling software truly is customer-focused, financial driven and the only remote sales system you will ever need as you work to scale, get acquired, build a lasting sales culture and focus on marketing and operational goals. Our remote sales system and software leverages data that identifies perfect fit prospects (Zebras,) and tracks their progress until the opportunity is won. We quantify the value of the solutions you provide to customers. Our live interactive sales platform (that integrates w your CRM) populates custom, metric-driven case studies and business presentations to prove the value to be delivered to the C-suite. Our software and coaching guides entire sales team in the same methodology so accountability occurs and projected sales forecasts are reliable.

We do this all with what buyers value the most: speed, transparency and expertise. We also know that companies are looking at digital interactions up to three times more important than traditional sales interactions. Additionally, almost 90 percent of sales have moved to a Videoconferencing(VC)/phone/web sales model, and while some skepticism remains, more than half believe this is equally or more effective than sales models used before COVID-19. While companies are generally reducing spend, a sizable number are increasing or maintaining it, with rates depending on company size, sector, and—more than any other factor—location in the world.

Zebrafi sits on top of Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics to score and vet the perfect prospect throughout the buyer journey. In stark contrast to traditional sales funnels, Zebrafi teaches sales leaders how to recruit prospects with pain points that their company has a track record of solving. Just imagine what Zebrafi could achieve for the supply chain issues involving the COVID-19 vaccine in the EU!

We know this remote selling software works because our track record for over 20 years has proven client success continually shows our sales system is the only one you, your sales team and your company will ever need. Call us at 1 833-594-7120 or email us at info@zebrafi.com to learn how we can help you achieve your goals to Find, Close and Retain the right customers.


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