“A higher percentage of sales cycles close because sellers identify Author-it Zebras and have an early meeting with Power to gain sponsorship to verify a pre-prepared value proposition.”

Steve Davis

COO, Author-it


Author-it Software Corporation is a global innovator in content creation and management. Its software
is used by some of the world’s largest enterprises for authoring, content management, publishing and
localization of product manuals, training materials, compliance documentation, operation manuals,
customer support materials and sales proposals.

The Challenge

The sales process was long, averaging more than nine months, and closure was unpredictable. The
company sales approach was primarily to sell and demonstrate features and functions to buyers –
typically technical writers – who did not have the power to approve signicant investments in software
and often viewed the product as a commodity.


The Zebra scoring tool has improved Author-it’s close rate because it now only pursues the best prospects.
In addition, selling business value relative to prospects’ pain points dierentiates Author-it from its
competitors. This has increased revenue and shortened the length of the sales cycle.

  • Sales cycle length reduced by 50% from an average of 243 days to 121 days
  • Three-year revenue for the average deal has more than tripled in 30 months from $216,000 to $660,000

Our Clients Love Us

Kevin Vivisimo
Kevin Calderwood
Former President, Vivisimo

“By using Zebra Software, our average sales price more than tripled, from $190,000 to $600,000”

Steve Optima
Steve Hirt
President, Optima

“In our first year alone, our sales improved over 20% and our bottom line increased by 350%.”

todd serigraph
Todd Schneider
CFO & COO, Serigraph

“Through the first six months of this year we have sold more than we did all of last year, and I attribute that entirely to our new process.”