What is Hubspot Sales Hub?

Sales Hub is one piece of Hubspot’s full CRM platform. Hubspot also has marketing, service and CMS offerings in their full suite of products.

How do I set up this integration?

Once your admin sets up Hubspot, you can visit the integration section of your user profile and link Hubspot.

The Hubspot Zebrafi Integration works in both directions. Our users are most excited about getting their Hubspot Companies and Deals displayed in Zebrafi so they can build a business case, and in the other direction, getting the deal scores from Zebrafi to sync back to Hubspot.

Pulling data from Hubspot into Zebrafi

  • Import Companies into Zebrafi as accounts
  • Import Contacts into Zebrafi
  • Import Deals into Zebrafi as opportunities
Pushing data from Zebrafi into Hubspot

  • Export standard Deal Information from Zebrafi to Hubspot
  • Export Zebrafi Deal Scores to Hubspot
  • Export Zebrafi Comments to Hubspot as Notes

What can you achieve with this integration?

  • Keep your companies and deals in sync without duplicating entry
  • Whenever you close a new deal or add a company or contact, these will automatically sync into Zebrafi- no developers needed
  • Use Hubspot custom reporting to leverage Zebrafi’s deal scoring

Brent Nauer

Brent serves a critical role in designing and releasing updates to the Zebrafi platform. He writes about complex sales, corporate strategy and technology. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Marquette University.


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